The Australian Classification Board is breaking at the seems apparently, with the titles of two new Xbox Live Arcade games revealed: Tetris Party Challenge and... Kinect Googly Eyes?

The Tetris Party line of titles has been a big one over on the Wii and DS over the past few years, but those were developed by Hudsonsoft. This XBLA version is in development by Spidermonk Entertainment, which previously made puzzle game RooGoo which despite good reviews could not find much of an audience on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Tetris was already on the Xbox 360 in the case of Tetris Splash back in 2006, but was considered to be a fairly tame rendition of the classic puzzler. Hopefully this version will bring back some of the fun and features from the Wii version.

Kinect Googly Eyes though? Absolutely no idea. Perhaps it's some sort of software where you can take photos with your Kinect and place objects over them, and then upload them to Facebook? Something similar to the old Game Boy Camera, most likely. It'll be pretty funny if that's one of the top Kinect titles for the year.