certainaffinity.jpgThe Australian Classification Board has been a great resource for finding information about games prior to their reveal, and today's update is no different -- three games for the Xbox 360 have been revealed, possibly showing us what we're up for during E3.

The first title is Crimson Alliance, developed by Certain Affinity. This developer previously got their feet wet in the digital space with Age Of Booty back in 2008. Since then they've been the go-to guys for Halo: Reach and Call Of Duty map packs. Some have speculated that it could be a downloadable return of Crimson Skies based on the name, but it also might be intertwined with a Bungie-based property.

The second title is Fusion: Genesis, which does not have a developer specified. Thanks to Shard on the NeoGAF forums, we also know that Microsoft trademarked Fusion: Vault and Fusion: Sentient, possibly showing a new downloadable trilogy or part of a three-screen strategy by Microsoft.

The final game is a little more obvious: Kinect Me, which might be a new mini-game collection for download or retail. The Korean Rating Boards have also rated something called the Kinect Fun Lab, which could very well be the same thing.

Just three more weeks until E3!