The mascot for this year's TGS has just been unveiled, an anime girl that's comprised of assorted bits and pieces from various game controllers. Looks familiar? She should; it's the same exact character from Tokyo Game Show 2010.

I guess the organizers really dug artist Ippei Gyoubu's handiwork and requested a repeat performance. I personally don't mind, since I totally dug the design last year, though many it would seem are less than pleased. Many other outlets reporting this news have called her everything from "ugly" to "creepy", as well as sporting a "PlayStation bias".

Yet the most intriguing comment is this one from Andriasang's post on the matter: "I find it incredibly ironic that the main visual for an industry that is currently falling over itself to simplify and streamline the user interface in order to be more inviting to new players is a tangled web of wires, knobs, buttons, and joysticks." Interesting observation.

Hey, I'm just glad there's a show this year, especially after all that Japan has been through.

[via Andriasang]