So Pomplamoose covered the Angry Birds theme song. You may remember this duo from their YouTube covers and from those Hyundai TV commercials that played in a perpetual loop over the holidays. You may remember Angry Birds as the mobile physics puzzler that's going to single-handedly kill console gaming.

Things I like about this video:

- The Hammond-ish organ.
- Ms. Pomplamoose's dress.
- The fact that the piano smashing sound was the actual noise made when the guy's head was slammed on the keys.

Things I don't like:

- That damned toy piano.
- Ms. Pomplamoose's SPOOKY FACE.

I still haven't fully formed an opinion of this band, but I do have to admire them for covering an instrumental theme from a mobile game. It's like the indiest thing ever.

[via TheGayGamer]