While PitchforkMedia's acquisition of awesome chipmusic blog True Chip Till Death turned out to be an April Fool's joke, the popular music site has partnered with another game-related publication to feature its content: Kill Screen.

Launched by Jamin Brophy-Warren and Chris Dahlen last year, Kill Screen looks to be "what early Rolling Stone was to rock n' roll or Wired was to tech", covering both AAA and indie video games with long format articles.

As part of this partnership, Pitchfork will feature select articles from Kill Screen on its site, starting with a piece on Angry Birds, a profile on Sword & Sworcery EP creator Craig "Superbrothers" Adams, and more.

"We've been obsessively documenting and engaging with music for 15 years -- figuring out what's good, what's bad, and what's happening in the art form in a big picture sense, as well as identifying and featuring the most interesting artists in the field," the music site posted."

"And we're thrilled to be partnering with a publication that's bringing this same curiosity and critical engagement to the realm of gaming."