Hardcore Gaming 101 member johnny2x4 recently discovered that his copy of the Japanese Super Dodge Ball pseudo-sequel River City Dodge Ball All-Stars included an unexpected surprise -- a greatly expanded version of the 2004 Game Boy Advance title River City Ransom EX created by the game's original developers.

Distributed as a patch for the Japanese version of River City Ransom EX, the hack adds "several new moves, new items, new weapons, new characters, new events, new areas, new hidden shops, new music, and even a new side-quest." In many ways, the hack serves as a semi-official director's cut, re-adding a number of concepts that never made it into the original retail release.

The Million-developed River City Ransom EX and the more recent River City Dodge Ball All-Stars by Miracle Kidz share a staff that was originally employed by Technos during the 8- and 16-bit eras. One of the team's more recent efforts is the Super Dodge Ball remake Downtown Smash Dodgeball for the Xbox Live Indie Games service.