A popular game franchise in Japan is almost guaranteed to have an associated toy or model kit or statue. Though what seals the deal is if said game features an alluring female personality. Runner-up is if mecha are involved. And if something happens to combine both, that game company has gold on their hands! Hence yet another Aigis from Persona 3 figure is on the way.

This one is from Bandai and will be released in September for 5,000 yen. It comes with four different faces, three pairs of hands, a machine gun fist, a cannon fist, and a rocket punch fist (they're all special attacks in the game, btw). I'll have to agree with the person on who provided me with my first look: the body is superb, but the face isn't quite as nice as the Figma version, which has produced the overall finest Aigis thus far at that same price range. There's been fancier renditions that trump both aforementioned versions, but they were also pricier; we're talking the $100-200 range.

Back to what I said about mecha; I guess because it was never the most popular series, it's taken forever for a little plastic version of Jehuty from Zone of the Enders to materialize. But hey, at least we finally got one:


Friend to GSW Ollie Barder gives the toy a thumbs up, despite not liking the source material all that much. Highlights include the "pseudo-HUD" ring that surrounds the mecha, along with a very attractive price-point, of just 2,838 yen (especially when compared to a garage kit from back of the day, which like most of its kind, was not on the cheap side... which also means Revoltech's take is technically not the first, sorry).

Though ultimately, Ollie was won over simply because it was based on a Yoji Shinkawa design, whom I'm a big fan of as well. Hence why I've been waiting patiently for ThreeA to finally release their version of the iconic giant robot from Metal Gear Solid...


It was first revealed almost two years, but since then, not a single peep. Does anyone know the deal here?

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