Earlier this week we made mention of Cave's online festival. In addition to items normally available at their shop, including soundtracks, art books, and superplay DVDs, one could also find (presumably for a limited time) other shmup related odds and ends, including a variety of drinking containers, even an umbrella.

Another special item is Mushihime-sama Cave Matsuri Ver 1.5 (a special Cave Festival version of the first Mushihime, as opposed to the sequel as one might mistakenly assumed). Note that this is an arcade board, NOT a console release. According to Cave-STG, gameplay additions and tweaks include: "The ability to start the game at MAX Power and four options. Doing so, however, also increases the firepower of the enemies. You also start with just one bomb."

There is also a new arranged soundtrack courtesy of Ryu Umemoto. Fingers crossed that this revision makes it out to those who don't have a PCB set-up at home, which are quite a few folks in Japan actually. Ideally as XBLA title or something similar.

[via Cave-STG]