maxpsn.jpgMax & The Magic Marker found itself on WiiWare a year ago as one of the most unique platformers out there, with Max having the ability to draw practically any shape with his marker in order to stop a monster from destroying his art.

Since then it's been released on Windows Phone 7, then iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac. Hell, it's even coming to DS and Wii as retail games. Now according to the German USK rating board, it's also coming to the PlayStation Network.

Dubbed Max & the Magic Marker - Gold Edition, we can only assume it'll have support for the PlayStation Move and have a few extra bits-and-bobs. Now the only platforms it isn't on are Android Phones and Xbox Live Arcade, and with Microsoft's love of exclusive games, I don't think that'll be happening for the latter anytime soon.

Good news for Denmark developer Press Play though, who at the very least have found themselves with a remarkably platform agnostic engine to work with.