Over a year ago, someone at the immensely popular message board NeoGAF posted scans from a pamphlet that Nintendo handed out to prospective talent at universities. Which then spread like wild fire across the internet. Well, us reporters clearly should have stuck around, because not long after, the image above of Mario plus the two Toads from New Super Mario Bros in chicken suits was passed along and no one caught it until today.

It was discovered by the game image focused Tumblr GamOvr earlier this morning, perhaps because the thread got bumped, due to someone else posting this image of an Oni Mario from this year's edition of Nintendo's brochure...


As one member said it best: "Demon Mario... No wonder that didn't get greenlighted." The rest of the thread, by the way, is filled with all sorts of wacky behind the scenes material, lots of prototypes, like various iterations of controllers before they were finalized. Some of it's familiar territory for many, but it doesn't hurt to check.

Another NeoGAF thread totally worth checking out BTW is this one, on sexual tension throughout the Resident Evil franchise.

[via GamOvr]