Ratloop, whose works include 2011 Independent Games Festival award winner Helsing's Fire, posted this new video for the PSN follow-up of its 2010 IGF triple award finalist Rocketbirds: Revolution, which will release during the holiday season.

After poking fun at PSN's recent security troubles, the Rocketbirds: Reloaded video throws you into pre-Alpha footage of firefights between warring birds in the action game, with assault rifles spinning bodies in the air for impossible lengths of time.

Ratloop jokes about the game's visual upgrade, "We've gone from rinky-dink 2D flash nonsense to earth-shattering 3D rendering (still 2D gameplay) with unnecessary postprocessing effects and even full stereoscopic 3D wizbangery."

Other important additions to the PSN title: jetpacks and Lady Gaga gags. You can buy or try out the original Rocketbirds: Revolution online here.