Not to copycat Eric's post from earlier this afternoon about the wacky South African music video that's chock full of game references, but the above is somewhat similar. Except the band this time is from Austria, plus both the song and associated clip hails from the early 90s. Don’t forget the heavy dose of Star Trek as well!

I know absolutely nothing about the band aside from what Wikipedia tells us; Edelweiss was a Euro electro/pop outfit that was mostly active during the 90s, and most of their noteworthy songs include the band's name in the title. How peculiar. As for the video, it's the somewhat tried and true set-up of a band being stuck in a video game and being controlled by some outside party. Either a gamer dork, hot chick, or in this particular clip's case, a Klingon? Via some old-school Genesis control stick (the video quality is not the best so it's hard to tell).

Not to draw further comparisons, but I guess the reason why I like this clip better than the Goldfish one (sorry, Eric) is because they're both reflections of the times. Whereas today it's both expected and easy to have nods and references that are easily traceable to their source material for a multitude of reasons (everyone has a strong knowledge of games, plus easy access to powerful visualization programs, to name just two), Edelweiss' in-jokes are far more abstract and low-fi, because that's how both games and music videos were back then. Sorry, I'm just a sucker for lo-fi... and I mean really low-fi.