What you see above is hour 31 of George Leutz's previous attempt at shattering the nearly 28 year old high score in Q*Bert. Which unfortunately got derailed when the power plug got kicked into, causing the machine to reset. Oy vey. By that point, Leutz had achieved close to 17 million points, a little more than half of the 33,273,520 set by Rob Gerhardt in 1983.

Well, yesterday at 6PM Eastern Standard Time, Leutz began his second attempt. The location is the same as before, Richie Knucklez Arcade Games in Flemington, NJ. It is again expected to take around 70 hours to finally achieve his goal, all on a single quarter. Cheering him on are classic gaming fans, plus Warren Davis, the creator of the game! According to his Wikipedia page, his other creations include Joust 2 and Revolution X... interesting.

For those curious, there's a live-stream of the record attempt that can viewed by simply heading on over to here. You'll not only get the chance to chat with other on-lookers, but also witness history in the making! Plus hear a clearly bored history maker go on about the Egyptian pyramids or some other nonsense. Hey, the guy's hella tired.

[Via Kotaku]