After decades of killing kobolds in pen-and-paper RPGs and MMOs, you can now play as one of the mischievous critters in this upcoming game from indie developer SuckerFree Games (Dungeons on XBLIG).

Advertised as a game about "feeding babies to monsters", Kobold's Quest is a four-player co-op/competitive platformer similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, except the goal is to ransack nearby villages, fortified castles, and wicked lairs.

Players race to overcome defenders and traps in order to steal a baby, then bring the infant back to their Kobold commander (while their friends try to snatch the baby away during the return journey and claim all the glory).

Before it can release the game to Xbox Live Indie Games in late June (and on PC around three months later), the studio hopes to raise $1000 to polish its menu/GUI, pay for its creator club membership, and fund PC/WP7 ports.

SuckerFree recently moved its donation campaign from 8bitfunding to IndieGoGo, and is offering copies of the game, beta access, posters, and even a chance to design a level to those who pledge, depending on their contributions.

The developer has only raised $20 so far of the $1000 it needs, and there are just 20 days left in its drive, so send a donation in soon if you'd like to play this twisted game one day!