D N A U X B is an animated short by London-based animator Tony Comley. Actually, it's a music video for the album "We Go Dream Team", by Gameshow Outpatient, another project of Comley's.

Now, I'm still not clear if D N A U X B refers to the name of a song or the lead character. I've done my best to look around for answers via the assorted online presences that Comley has, but I still can't figure it out. Perhaps it's supposed to be this big mystery? You know, kids today.

I'm also not 100 percent if the audio can indeed be classified as chiptunes, but it certainly sounds like it to me. I also initially thought the lead was a cat, not a panda. But I do know it sounds awesome and can't wait to hear more, plus hope additional videos are forthcoming.

[via @brandonnn]