Self Aware Games has worked for more than a year with a staff of 10+ employees -- unusual for a mobile project -- on the iPad game it sent out yesterday, Fleck, an MMO that takes place on top of Google Maps.

Fleck overlays a MMO over your neighborhood in which you can plan a garden, fight zombies with friends, buy your favorite real-world restaurant (powered by Yelp), complete quests, chat with others, and more.

Designer Seppo Helava calls the free iPad game "a little bit of Farmville, a little bit of Diablo, a touch of Monopoly, with some MMO elements", which might sound like an haphazard amalgamation at first, but the screenshots look promising.

Right now, supported regions include the continental United States, parts of Southern Canada (near the U.S. border), and parts of Northern Mexico -- future updates will eventually expand the game to other countries.

Helava says Self Aware Games is planning a version for iPhone (and other smartphones) that keeps the mobile platform's idiosyncacies in mind, and also notes that you can also play Fleck in your browser.