Indie developer Erik Svedang (Kometen, Blueberry Garden) has released TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK, a reskinned and remixed version of his iPad head-to-head shooter Shot Shot Shoot.

In both games, players sitting at opposing ends of an iPad duel in a fast-paced top down shooter, trading waves of bullets in an attempt to overwhelm the opposing force. In TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK, however, the stakes are much higher.

"This final act of warfare, encompassing battles on a pan-plex level, holds the outcome of future timelines on the cusp of explosive singularity," reads the dramatic description. "One side will be victorious and one side will be sequestered to the outer reaches of the universe, to begin again and attempt to shift the tides of intra-dimensional struggle."

Aside from changing Shot Shot Shoot's warring squares to an army of power-hungry triangles, TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK adds an interstellar backdrop and a soundtrack composed by electronic musician Triobelisk. Svedang's Shot Shot Shoot gameplay guide remains a recommended read for serious players.