Legacy Interactive is set to make its DSiWare debut next Monday with the release of House, M.D. - Globetrotting, the first entry in an episodic series of adventure games starring everyone's favorite cranky TV doctor Gregory House.

Each entry will feature a variety of medical-themed minigames, ranging from spot-the-difference x-rays to Trauma Center-styled surgery simulations. Legacy notes that the television show's acerbic wit and "biting zingers" will feature in the game's dialog. A sample: "I think my IQ just went down 50 points just talking to you!" Well, okay, they can't all be winners.

The episodes, previously collected in a retail release for the Nintendo DS and PC platforms, will be released monthly. No word yet on if players will have access to Vicodin power-ups or if House's arch-nemesis lupus will play a role in any of the cases.