Odds are good that you've played some flavor of SameGame before -- possibly via the Sega Dreamcast pack-in game Sega Swirl or more recently with iOS clones like Bubble Shot.

Mamono Sweeper developer Hojamaka has launched the free Flash game Samegame Fighter, which blends SameGame's mechanics with traditional RPG elements. The result is a surprisingly complex turn-based fighting game akin to Puzzle Quest; each level pits players against a monster that must be defeated by strategically matching symbols that trigger attacks, defense, and healing.

The game's first few levels are simple enough, but players must adopt new strategies for later creatures like the quick-attacking goblin and the strong-but-slow troll. Careful conservation and deployment of defense and hyper icons soon becomes a necessity.

Don't let the Bokosuka Wars aesthetic fool you -- this is good stuff. I spent more time playing Samegame Fighter than I anticipated, and I'm already eager to get back to it. Give it a shot!