Every year, Tokyo's small video game culture shop Meteor and its owner Satoshi Sakagami throw a unique art show that displays dozens of Famicom cartridges, each one featuring designs for made-up games sent in by dozens of artists around the world.

My Famicase Exhibition 2011 launched yesterday, and will have the custom cartridges hanging until May 29. There are 63 designs, ranging from incomprehensible (Skjindubbing's Mame Sumo Wrestlers With Striped Border Shirt On) to gorgeous (Jinsei's Bank, above).

This year's show is paticularly special for me, as a Famicase concept I worked on with Tiny Cartridge co-founder/Joystiq contributing editor JC Fletcher and talented illustrator Ashley Davis (Once Upon A Pixel), is featured alongside all the impressive submissions.

You can see our design for Meteor Night, a simple " idea" that invites players to share a date/night watching a peaceful 8-bit sky, after the break along with other Famicase cartridge submissions. You should definitely make time in your day to check them all out here.