If you're like me and you can't stand YouTube users who mug for the camera to build a personal brand...I admit that you have cause for alarm here, but this is still worth a watch. The latest episode of "Dean's Face Acting" syncs some of video gaming's worst-ever voice acting to a human face, with humorous results.

It's a concept that could have very easily been ruined by poor execution, but Dean's skilled performance actually adds a new dimension to the recorded dialog. One can only imagine (or hope) that the actual voice actors were making similar pained expressions in the original recording sessions. It's hard to imagine Barry Burton's lines, in particular, being anything but pitch-perfect reenactments.

Personal favorites: Castle Shikigami II, Chaos Wars, and the unimitable The House of the Dead 2. It's also encouraging to see Two Worlds finally getting its due. FORSOOTH!