Cave's International Shop is hosting an online festival event this week introducing a variety of intriguing promotional items tied to the company's shoot-'em-up franchises.

Among the featured items: a DoDonPachi Resurrection art book, the official Cave coffee mug (buy me this, thanks), and a soundtrack CD for the company's recently released XBLA platformer Nin2-Jump (featuring exclusive Akai Katana chiptune remixes!).

One of the more esoteric items for sale is this 8,000-yen replica Ketsui multiplier chip, which sits atop a light-up turntable base. Cave slyly notes: "Who knows, it might help you score in real life!" Ha ha ha, probably not. "Is that a multiplier-boosting score item from a shoot-'em-up that was only released in Japan?! Let's make out."