Retro Gamer announced the Kindle release of "Classic Videogames Hardware Genius Guide", which looks a lot like the company's Videogames Hardware Handbooks, collections of previously published in-depth features on obscure and popular consoles released from 1977 to 2001.

I'm not sure if this includes both volumes of the printed handbooks, but even if it's just the first one, this is still a steal -- I purchased mine for around $20, while this Kindle edition is only $8.99, or £5.81 in the UK. It's also difficult to find these on shelves anywhere (in the U.S. at least).

From Amazon's product description for Classic Videogames Hardware Genius Guide:

"From the N64 and SNES to the Atari 2600 and Intellivision, this book covers all the classic hardware from days gone by. With in-depth features and lists of the top ten games, this comprehensive guide will take you back to the golden age of videogames."
If you have copies of the printed books and end up buying this, let us know if it's both volumes or just the first one!