I adore the idea of exergames -- experiences that motivate you to get your fitness on by attaching game elements to workouts -- but most of the projects that tackle this concept look like games I would never want to play. Either that, or the interesting ones never get made.

BitBot Media claims that its exergame is compelling and more than just tacked on game-like mechanics, and provided that it gets your funding, this one might actually release one day. The project is called Epic City, a browser-based RPG that should begin its closed beta in mid-June.

Epic City "turns [y]our workout routine into a game by placing the workouts you already do (or mean to do) into an interactive storyline. Players run from zobies, earn points and power-ups by consistently working out, and play co-op challenges with their friends in the game.

The two-woman studio wants to raise $5,000 over the next four weeks to pay for technology costs and the development, and is offering rewards to donators like closed beta access, custom avatars, NPCs named after you, and more. So far, it's received nearly $1,200 in pledges.