Eager to check out the latest from Spore developer Chris Hecker? Now's your chance, if you're lucky. Hecker is now accepting sign-ups for a pre-release beta version of his two-player espionage game SpyParty.

Described as "a spy game about human behavior, performance, perception, and deception," SpyParty casts players as either a spy infiltrating a party or a sniper tasked with weeding out and eliminating the spy. The spy must complete covert acts of theft and espionage while blending in with the other guests at the party. The sniper has only one bullet, and must carefully observe all of the party's guests for any irregular behavior before taking a shot.

Hecker warns that SpyParty "is a long way from the finish line," but notes that the game in its current state has been an enjoyable experience for players at PAX and other events. Signing up for the beta won't necessarily guarantee instant access to the game, but Hecker promises that new batches of registered users will be added to the program on a regular basis in the coming months.

Also worth noting is that beta access costs $15 -- in a Minecraft-like move, Hecker is offering free updates and a copy of the finished game upon its completion to all paid users.