A while ago we highlighted a VJ who utilized Capcom's 40-button/two control sticks/three foot pedal-strong love letter to giant robots for the Xbox 1. Unfortunately, those videos are no longer available to the general public, so in its place is the clip above, featuring The Asterite, who uses a similar set-up (plus and minus some parts) to mix music on the fly.

He calls it The Zero System and is "inspired by classic video games and mecha anime." The heart of the system is the Steel Battalion controller (sans foot pedals), a Saitek J24C X45 Flight Control Joystick, and a 19-inch flat screen monitor. Apparently, having just two control sticks wasn't enough, he needed four! Bringing it all together is a script called GlovePIE. Basically it "allows you to easily convert HID (Human Interface Device) data, midi, and keyboard or mouse data from one form to another... It maps each joystick, throttle, and dial to a unique continuous controller, and each button and switch to a note command." Neat!

More detailed information, along with more examples of his music, can be found in this message board post.