If, like me, you picked up Cave's shoot-'em-up Deathsmiles IIX upon its international Games On Demand release last week and were overwhelmed by its nuanced scoring system, YouTube user janeinpodunk has put together a two-and-a-half minute guide that should improve your scores and give you insight into how to get the game's true ending.

It's worth noting that scoring well also has benefits to beginners simply wishing to survive the game's endless onslaught of enemy bullets; high scores award life bar extensions, allowing you to soak up a few more hits when you're squaring off against the evil Satan Claws. After viewing this video, my highest score promptly shot up by a couple of billion points, and I managed to beat the true last boss last night...on the easiest difficulty level. Look, I never said I was any good at these things.

I really like Deathsmiles IIX, by the way. It's perhaps Cave's most accessible shoot-'em-up release to date -- the new IIX mode is easy enough for a scrub like me to single-credit clear, but the unique scoring system keeps it fun and challenging. None of the frustration I felt with the first game carried over to the sequel, and I recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in arcade-styled shoot-'em-ups.

[via @sasuraiger]