Because I'm easily impressed by cheap visual tricks, whenever I see a 2D game do that perspective switch to 3D for the first time, like in Super Paper Mario or Fez or Prinny, my immediate reaction is "Whaaa???" -- a sense of wonder so pure, t's are dropped and extra question marks are added.

Kode80's (HoloToy) upcoming retro-style iOS platformer 1-Bit Ninja has that "Whaaa???" moment, allowing you to drag the screen around to adjust the perspective, and find hidden passages that you'd miss from the 2D perspective. It also looks like a neat homage to the Super Mario Game Boy titles.

1-Bit Ninja hits the App Store later this month, and will bring with it simple two-button movement controls in which you run by touching the left side of the screen, and jump by tapping the right side. If you want to run back and grab a coin you missed, too bad!

[Via Touch Arcade]