New Zealand-based indie Lexaloffle Games (Sense of Wonder Night finalist Swarm Racer) shared this new video for Voxatron, its Robotron-style shooter presented with voxels and coming out later this year for PCs.

This clip starts off with 3D Dot Game Heroes-esque editor for Voxatron's models (used to design the player's hero in this case), which Lexaloffle says will ship with the game in a similar form but with a nicer interface. The latter half of the video shows off some gameplay with the sword. 

"There are various pickups and weapons, but none are as useless or as fantastic as the sword," explains the developer. "Choosing to use the sword against oncoming hordes is much harder than any of the robot's long range weapons, but at least if you die, you can go down with a bit of honour. It's also good for smashing scenery up."

Lexaloffle intends to release a single-arena preview for Voxatron. For now, you can follow progress on the shooter at the developer's blog.

[Via Noted]