NYC-based Interaction designer Michael Tseng has come up with a fun idea that combines FourSquare's location-based principles with Monopoly's property-buying mechanics, and wraps it all with a slick-looking pixelart aesthetic.

He describes his Turf Geography Club project as "a free location-based game set in the real world where you hang out with friends, amass gold coins, and acquire goods and properties in a battle to tame your surroundings."

Instead of just becoming mayor of an area by checking into the same location over and over, you can spend coins you earn to purchase virtual versions of the property, then enhance it with upgrades to increase its value -- collecting more coins when others visit.

Tseng says the game mechanics for Turf Geography Club have been "completely fleshed out", but he's trying to raise $15,000 over the next four weeks to pay his developer to turn it into an actual app. So far, he's raised over $2,250 on Kickstarter.

If you pledge a few bucks, you'll not only help make this game happen, you'll receive virtual rewards for the game once it's completed, shirts, posters, and more. You can contribute and find more information on Turf Geography Club here.