German group ArcadeForge, which specializes in custom gaming and arcade equipment, is selling an awesome product called the SLG 3000 that generates artificial scanlines for VGA standard 640x480-using modern displays. Basically, it's designed to make your console games look like their played on an arcade machine.

It's a small circuit board that hooks up in between your console and display, and features a variety of DIP settings for various resolutions and effects (even and odd scanlines). According to Nintendo Life, which posted a review of the SLG 3000, the scanlines it adds can "sharpen the image, giving 2D visuals more clarity."

I've embedded a video of an SLG 3000 unboxing and samples of various Dreamcast games played with the accessory after the break. ArcadeForge is selling the custom units on its site for around $70 ($94 with case).