After working on the project for several years, Bob Sabiston, creator of the rotoscoping software used in films like Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly, has released Inchworm Animation, a painting and animation DSiWare application that's an awesome alternative to Nintendo's simpler Flipnote Studio software.

Inchworm Animation includes tutorials and tools that allow you to create images as large as 9,999-by-9,999 pixels, make multi-layer flipbook animations, and rotoscope by tracing on top of camera fooage. With the DSi's Camera, you can also shoot stop-motion and time lapse animations in color, too.

Oher neat features include onion skinning, six-level zooming, cut/paste/rotate, undo functions, a pattern editor, variable thickness antialiased brushes, translucent color and pattern fill, custom palette storage, rescaling clipboard images, shapes with borders, and the ability to export to the SD card as SWF/BMP files.

It's probably the closest thing you can get to Mario Paint on a DS right now, and it's only 500 Nintendo Points ($5)!