Because I feel it's my duty to inform you of any gaming zine developments (and also because I contributed to this one's last issue), I must point you to the Kickstarter project for the next publication from games journalist and GSW contributor Matthew Hawkins: Fort90Zine4Answer.

The upcoming issue will include a cover by Farel Dalrymple and Cory Schmitz, a rundown of obscure video game movie Video Wars, "memories from working at an arcade in which the regulars included mental patients, drug dealers, grunge scenesters, and one very angry nun", and more.

Fort90Zine4Answer, which Hawkins says is his "most ambitious zine to date", will also feature comics by Travis Nichols and Toby Jones, and a Grasshopper Manufacture centerfold picked from this currently running fanart contest (very awesome and rare prizes here).

The Kickstarter funding project has already reached its goal of $500 to cover printing costs, but you still have eight days to pledge to help pay contributors, and receive a copy of Fort90Zine4Answer, previous Fort90Zine issues, buttons, and a print from Mariel Cartwright.