Japanese developer Cave, who you'l mostly know from its bullet hell shoot'em ups like DoDonPachi and Espgaluda, debuted this new extended trailer for Nin-2 Jump, accompanied by a silhouetted audience of kids cheering the platformer on.

As Andriasang points out, the audience has actually been integrated into the game, like in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The idea is that the Nin-2 Jump is presented as a "shadow play", and the children react to your in-game performance.

Cave in giving this trailer a theater feel: there's the film-style Cave logo opening, closing credits for noteworthy characters (bosses), and even a blooper reel during those credits!

Nin-2 Jump will release for XBLA on April 27 for 400 MS Points -- Cave will donate all the game's sales to the Red Cross to support earthquake/tsunami relief efforts in Japan.