Last year, Chinese developer Qiwei "Soulframe" Liang released an English version of his Wuxia-inspired game Rainblood: Town of Death -- a feat he claims is a first for any indie Chinese RPG. The game was noticed not just for its origins, but also its distinctive hand-drawn graphics and unique combat system.

Soulframe is preparing to release a sequel titled Rainblood2: City of Flame, which promises more "plots, tricks, loves, and kills," -- he expects the English version to release three months after its Chinese debut, much faster than the three-year wait for a translated version of the original Rainblood.

The Chinese developer released this new trailer to show off the City of Flame's "finer pixel art style", which is designed to support more fluid battle animations. It also features some conversations with Soulframe and the game's music producer Bo Caisheng.

You can keep an eye on Rainblood2 developments and purchase the original game in English ($9.99) at Soulframe's blog.