At a demonstration for Child of Eden at Kapow! Comic Con yesterday, Q Entertainment founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi mentioned that the developer had created a custom "corset" controller for the PS3/Xbox 360 rhythm action game that "holds four controllers -- all of which vibrate in time to the music," according to IGN.

As unlikely as that sounds, it's not that much more strange than the infamous Trance Vibrator accessory that one could buy for Rez, the spiritual Dreamcast/PS2/Xbox 360 ancestor of Child of Eden created by Mizuguchi when he was still at Sega's now defunct United Game Artists division.

The experimental corset controller will likely never see production, but perhaps Q Entertainment will bring it out for promotional events or at least post a video to show how it works. Or maybe, if the shipped game will support the control method, someone could craft their own homemade corset controller for Child of Eden!