If it hasn't been evident in all the videos we've posted or the game's Missile Fury subtitle, make a note of it now, Bangai-O HD has a lot of missiles. To drive that point home, Treasure and D3P has put out a new trailer to once again demonstrate the affluence of missiles in their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game.

While your enemies in Bangai-O HD will be firing billions of missiles at you, you'll have your own varied set of missile attacks to fend off the incoming projectiles while you collect fruit and make it through the stages. Those attacks include Homing Shot, Bounce Shot, Napalm Shot, Break Shot, Wide Shot, and Fast Shot.

Bangai-O HD is set to release on Xbox Live Arcade some time this spring with over 100 stages, a level editor, leaderboards, and more.

[Via @shmups]