Gryzor87, a musician you might recognize from his music on Locomalito joints like Hydorah and Viriax, alerted us to his release of Sounds & Shadows, an album inspired by Sega's Shinobi series and created while he worked on the soundtracks for those aforementioned indie titles.

"I was amazed by funk-jazz-rock of Shinobi, and its Japanese style too," explains Gryzor87. "This is a dream I had long time ago, when 'arcades and cabinets ruled the earth', and chiptume music was so inspiring…"

Sounds & Shadows features two remixes from the Shinobi arcade game, as well as 11 original tracks. Along with paying homage to the action title, he points to all those corny Sho Kosugi and Michael Dudikoff films from the '80s during the height of "ninja mania" as inspiration.

You can download the entire album, which has a running time of just under 40 minutes, for free. And if you like Sounds & Shadows or Gryzor87's other work, you can choose to send over a donation.