Wolfire Games has partnered with Finnish developer FrozenByte to bring back the Humble Indie Bundle promotion for another round later today! While previous bundles featured games from a variety of studios, all of the five titles announced so far this time are from FrozenByte.

This Humble FrozenByte Bundle includes three previously released titles for Windows/Mac/Linux -- action platformer Trine, top-down shooter Shadowgrounds, and its sequel Shadowgrounds: Survivor -- and two never-before-seen prototype games, Jack Claw and Splot.

Jack Claw is a third-person action title allowing you to "juggle cars around like they were puppies". This one's Windows-only but includes the game's source code. The other prototype, Splot, is still in development, and includes a pre-order for the final release when you buy the bundle

Along with inluding the original soundtracks for Trine and the Shadowgrounds games, each DRM-free, cross-platform bundle purchase benefits the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child's Play charity (you can specify how you'd like your money split up).

Keep an eye on the Humble Indie Bundle site for this new FrozenByte package today!