If you pay attention to NES homebrew releases, you might have heard of Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril last year, Sivak Games' impressive platformer inspired by titles like Mega Man, Castlevania, and I Wanna Be The Guy. It released on an actual cartridge that you could pop into your NES!

Sivak is working on a Battle Kid sequel subtitled Mountain of Torment, which will have a redesigned HUD and new features like teleporterts (for transporting to different parts on the giant map), wall gripping, a heart meter, a Super Meat Boy-esque death counter, and more.

This embedded video featured at RetroCollect starts off slow, but you'll see around the 3:15 mark, Sivak runs through the hazards in several rooms. In production since last July, Mountain of Torment so far has 511 rooms, 24 enemy types, 4 bosses (5-8 planned), and 17 music tracks.

While there's no release date yet for Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment, we'll let you know once it's ready to ship of course.

[Via @gamespite]