Fans of video game zines -- wonderful alternatives to bigger, ad-filled magazines that might not cover the more obscure games and topics you're interested in -- have a new publication to pick up: Michael Brown's Cul/tured Magazine, which debuted its first issue over the weekend.

Cul/tured seeks to "educate a wider variety of people about video game development and the people behind some of today’s most interesting and thought provoking games, as well as those pioneering new concepts in the industry."

The first issue includes features examining three studios: Capybara Games (Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP), Double Fine Productions (Brütal Legend, Costume Quest), and Telltale Games (Sam & Max, Back to the Future: The Game).

Brown says readers will learn "where the studios came from, their actual development process, some of the games they working on and have made before, as well as what they are doing that is unique." He profiled critical creative figures at each of the three video game developers, too.

Cul/tured's inaugural, 58-page issue also looks at the annual Game Deveoper's Conference, its history, and its impact on the game industry. You can buy the first printed issue for a discounted price of $10.35 here. Brown intends to release a free digital version on May 1st.

[Via @expdotzine]