GameSpite Quarterly, the gaming publication from 1UP's senior editor Jeremy Parish and a team of contributors, has put out its Summer 2011 issue, "PlayStation, 15 Years Later".

This issue features a massive 436 pages of articles covering standout titles from the original PlayStation's launch window, (Battle Arena Toshinden), "Golden Age" (Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story), and twilight years (Arc the Lad Collection, Strider 2).

It also features pieces on "The Rise of Square Localization", "The PlayStation in Europe", "Company and Fan Interaction in the PlayStation Era", "How Advertising (Ostensibly) Grew Up in the PlayStation Era", and "How the Memory Card Changed Gaming by Jake Alley".

GameSpite Quarterly #8 is available as a paperback ($20) or hardcover ($44), both featuring the same content. You can preview some of that content right now, including a look at Sony's games before the PlayStation, on this page with the issue's introduction and index.