Supermono Studios, developer of swanky RPG/to-do-list hybrid Epic Win, has unveiled a new iOS game called Drive Forever that's billed as a sort of "massively multiplayer OutRun-meets-SimCity, but set in the future."

Built on the studio's new 3D engine, Drive Forever allows player to create their own city and drop a winding road in between its skyscrapers. The city is stitched together with other user-created cities that players can then race through.

Supermono explains:

"The idea is that you never need to drive the same bit of road twice. You just press ‘drive’, and the game picks a section of track that somebody’s made, and downloads it. As you get to the end of that bit of track…it downloads a NEW bit of track, that somebody else has built, and seamlessly adds it to the end. And it keeps going! Forever! Or until you run out of time…

Imagine it as sort of like a YouTube playlist of the best tracks people have made, all laid out end-to-end. You can rate tracks, and save your favourites to play later. And the ratings from everyone around the world are used to automatically pick the best tracks for your never-ending driving pleasure."

As players drive through the game, they will earn achievements and unlock new cars, custom paintwork, and accessories. Those who create tracks will receive rewards like new buildings, themes, and accessories based on how people rate or drive through their creations.

Supermono says it's deep in production with Drive Forever, and expects to finish the game in the next two to three months. You can follow its development on the developer's blog.