If you played through Persona 4 (which you should have, as it's fantastic) and thought the silver-haired protagonist's eyeglasses looked slick, or if you're just looking for the final accessory to complete your cosplay outfit, you will soon be able to buy an identical pair from import shops.

Cospa -- presumably with the help of Teddie -- is producing a run of eyeglasses that feature the same design as the pair worn by Persona 4's hero, and the SMPTE color bars on the side. According to product listings, they're meant to help you "dispel the fog of the world of television."

The glasses are designed so you can put in your own prescription lenses, if you'd like to use these for everyday use. You probably will want to, as it's hard to justify spending $85 when these ship in late August. Oh, and you'll likely also want to buy the Persona 4 Eyeglass Case Set!

[Via @colettebennett]