As promised earlier in the year, Japanese developer Q Handmade Games (Sense of Wonder Night 2009 finalist ecolpit), has released a two-stage demo for Collte's Spoon Devil, the unique arena shooter/bullet hell game coming to Windows PC.

The gist of Collte's Spoon Devil is that you're controlling two characters simultaneously: you maneuver the slower/more vulnerable witch Collte with the keyboard, while you control her Spoon Devil creature with the mouse.

Both of the characters have their own health meters and weapons, but you will lose the round if Collte takes too much damage. The pair targets incoming enemies automatically, and regain health when next to each other.

The Collte's Spoon Devil demo that's available only has a Japanese language option so far, but our sister site says it's "rather easy to learn even if you can't read a single word of Japanese". You can download it for free here.