Capsized, the Metroid/Exile-inspired action platformer from Saskatoon-based indie Alientrap Games (Nexuiz), will release for Windows this Friday on Steam and on the developer's website for $9.99, and will be accompanied by a free demo then, too.

If you don't remember Capsized from when we first featured it in late 2009, it's a visually dinstinct game featuring the familiar plot of a crash-landed space traveler stuck on a mysterious planet, forced to explore the environment and fight its hostile creatures:

"Artist Jesse McGibney and programmer Lee Vermeulen create an immersive alien world teeming with bizarre life-forms and strange landscapes presented in a unique hand-drawn art style.

Combining control elements of first person shooters and innovative physics based combat, Capsized emphasizes action without giving up the smart problem solving of classic platform games."

I remember that Alientrap was trying to find a publisher last year to release Capsized on XBLA, but there hasn't been any news on that front since last May.

[Via RPS]