[Every week, IndieGames.com: The Weblog co-editor Tim W. will be summing up some of the top free-to-download and commercial indie games from the last seven days on his sister 'state of indie' weblog.]

This week on 'Best Of Indie Games', we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The delights in this edition include a charming hand-drawn game for the iPhone, a point-and-click adventure with a quirky sense of humor, a mod for Nifflas's much-loved 2D platformer Knytt, plus a new procedural-generated 2D arcade game from the developer of Hydorah.

Here's the highlights from the last seven days:

Game Pick: 'Señor Mistu' (We Choose Fun, commercial indie)
"Señor Mistu is a charming, hand-drawn game for iPhone. Sr. Mistu is a blind man who realises he has no olives for his pizza. He sets off with his trusty guide dog to find olives around the world."

Game Pick: 'Zee and the Alien Machine' (Clickshake, browser)
"Quirky and unapologetically tongue-in-cheek, Zee and the Alien Machine is filled to the brim with bad stereotypes. From the ill-kept and possibly insane housemate to the humorless, bespectacled Plain Jane, this point-and-click adventure from Clickshake has it all. It also has alcohol."

Game Pick: 'Brutally Unfair Knytt Mod' (Nifflas, freeware)
"Brutally Unfair Knytt Mod is essentially a reskinned version of Knytt, with new item placement and some extra silliness. Every now and again, a B.U.T.T.O.N.-style pop-up box will tell you to do something, and if you don't follow the rules, your character dies."

Game Pick: 'Viriax' (locomalito, freeware)
"Viriax is a procedural-generated 2D arcade game set inside a human body, where you must guide a deadly virus from organ to organ as you make your way towards a medical research chip located somewhere inside the host's brain. Along with the chip, scientists have planted a variety of tiny nanobot machinaries inside each organ in hopes that they will be enough to stop the rapid spread of the virus and cure their patient."

Game Pick: 'From Beyond' (The Super Flash Bros, browser)
"Less a game and more a five minute study in gleefully malevolent omnipotence, From Beyond reminds us that that the all-powerful being residing outside our understanding of the universe might not be a very nice entity at all. Consisting of five rounds, From Beyond will have you flinging everything from black holes to extraterrestrial vehicles at an unsuspecting earth."