Area 5 (Co-Op web show) and Latin American gaming site Atomix have launched what they're calling "the first videogame magazine conceived and developed for the iPad", aiming to cover both AAA titles and indie games each month by blending articles with multimedia content on the tablet.

As you can see in this trailer, it's a real slick setup that takes advantage of the iPad strengths and unique capabilities to display videos/screenshots -- it's exactly how I'd want to see a gaming magazine adapted for the platform, in that it doesn't just try to emulate the print experience.

This first issue of Atomix, which is priced at $0.99, includes features on Rockstar Games' L.A. Noire, gaming novels, and the Nintendo 3DS. It also includes an interview with Thatgamecompany's Jenova Chen, a look at iOS' different game control schemes, and much more.

Right now, the magazine is available in both English and Spanish, with additional language versions forthcoming. For those without an iPad, you will be able to catch some content (including stuff that didn't make it into the iPad issues) on Atomix's Tumblr blog in the future.