While it isn't something as fantastic as a video game interpretation of the Motörhead song with the same title, Ace of Spades is definitely a game you should check out, especially if you've ever wanted some team-based, first-person gunplay mixed in with your Minecraft.

The freeware, online multiplayer title takes a lot of inspiration from Mojang's popular sandbox game, not just in its Voxel-based graphics but also in its emphasis of building blocky structures, shaping the world, and emergent gameplay.

The difference here, though, is your armed with a rifle and grenades, and joining warring teams in a capture-the-flag-style experience. And instead of building fun and technically impressive monuments of wonder, you're using your spade and pickaxe to fortify defenses.

Along with building bridges, trenches, and bunkes, you can tunnel your way to the enemy base -- and because of the game's physics implementation, you can even dig under your opponent's base to collapse it!

You can download Ace of Spades for free (PC only) and jump into a server now here.

[Via Bza]