Have you ever wished that you had your own miniature Shinji Mikami to keep in your office and create new games based on all your wacky Resident Evil ideas? You have? Really? Well, that's a very bizarre wish to have. 

Tango Gameworks, Mikami's new studio that was recently acquired by Zenimax, must have somehow heard your prayers somehow, as the developer has unveiled the first product it intends to ship: Shinji Mikami action figures.

The figures stand around 6.5 inches tall and have more than 250 moving parts. They also come with an attachable beard (Grows 1/4 inch per minute), swappable hands, and different caps. The limited version even spouts random phrases.

Apparently, if you press the button on his back, you'll launch him into outer space, too. Though the toy didn't go on sale until this morning, one reviewer is already complaining about the feature: "I pressed the button on his back and he flew way the hell up in the air and never came back. I want my money back."

You can check out more shots of this beautiful figure for the renown game designer, which we're absolutely postively completely sure isn't an April Fool's Day joke (though we haven't conirmed it yet), at Tango Gameworks' site.